Monday, November 05, 2007

The *Original* Version of "Mommie Dearest"

The scene: Our living room
The date: Earlier this evening
The players: Offspring, on the phone with her best buddy; Juggling Freak, in the neighboring bedroom: and KLee, cooking dinner in the kitchen.


Offspring is talking on the phone with NiceGuy, her best friend. She's sitting in front of the desktop computer in the living room, cruising through a bunch of stuff she has downloaded from YouTube, playing selected audio clips for NiceGuy, and they're happily chattering away about the different musical selections.

Juggling Freak is making kissy noises at Offspring from the bedroom, trying to embarrass her in front of NiceGuy. Offspring is valiantly ignoring JF's attempt to bait her.

All of a sudden, JF thunders from the bedroom into the living room, shouting, "What *is* that crap?! Bon Jovi? There will be NO BON JOVI in this house, ever!"

She can dress in as much camouflage and black as she likes, and he's even liberal enough to applaud her if she wants to express her creativity by dying her hair some odd shade, but let her have questionable taste in music? *That's* just bad parenting, in his book.


Gary Oxford said...

Was it "Wanted Dead or Alive"? 'Cause that's the one that would push me over the edge ("on a stee-uhl horse I ri-ide").

Thank Zarquon there are still some people in the world with standards. Tell Juggling Freak he is my hero.

amy said...

Mine, too. In my house, Bon Jovi = Wire Hangers, as well.


ccw said...

She can come here; I play bad music from time to time.