Friday, September 21, 2007

Ammunition for the Clue Stick Brigade

If you're a fan of the illustrious Wednesday Whine (and how could you NOT be?), you may have heard that the denizens there prefer our justice served with a healthy serving of freshly sawn lumber. This is mainly for those in *serious need* of the judicious application of a good two-by-four upside the head, so don't let me scare any interested parties off. Wednesday Whine has typically been a place where we go to let off some steam, and have a forum in which we can gripe, knowing that there are people there who support us, and who do not mind listening to all of the things, great and small, which are plaguing our everyday lives.

One of the products of the weekly WW has been our claim that there are many, many people who are in dire need of the clue-by-four whomping. This week's column involved a suggestion that we form a precision drill team to administer our smackdowns. Said suggestion was met with much agreement all around.

I have a select group of (unfortunately nameless) people that I would like to offer up as fodder for the Clue Stick Brigade: the dad-blamed idjits who thought up using *METAL* as an effective material for the making of colanders. A colander, as we all know, is a straining device, mostly used (in this household, at least) for draining pasta. Which, you know, boils?! Therefore, the pasta is going to be HOT at the point of draining, and said colander will become too hot to pick up for any reasonable amount of time. Yes, you can use oven mitts, and your can rinse the pasta, but that's not the point. Metal is what the pot you likely *just cooked* the pasta in was made out of, and you're going to transfer all of that boiling hot, napalm-sticky pasta to ANOTHER metal container? Not a smooth move for those of us who have already established ourselves as clumsy.

Not that this has happened to me, you know. I'm far too graceful to burn myself with pasta, right? (Hush all that snickering!)


liz said...

Y'know, they do make those things out of rubber and plastic, too.

I hope you didn't get burned too badly.

purple_kangaroo said...

That's why mine is plastic. I hope your fingers are okay.

ccw said...

One of mine is completely plastic and the other has plastic handles. You have just told me why I don't need to buy one of the fancy colorful ones that I covet.

Karyn said...


Offspring (Klee's Daughter) said...

Graceful? Puh-leese, Mom!!!