Saturday, July 07, 2007

Weekend Bullets

Not much going on right now, so I figured I'd break things down a bit. Which means: the hauling out of the ever-popular bullet-style post. I haven't bulleted in a while, so I think I might not bother anyone too much with a bullet list.

* Had a migraine yesterday morning, and still feel sort of icky, stomach-wise. JF has been so sweet, letting me catch up on sleep and bringing me Ginger Ale. I picked out a good husband.

* Got a few more stories of Disney World in the hopper, if anyone is interested. Those posts don't seem to go over so well, so I was debating whether to post them or not. Also, trying not to repeat anything from this time last summer when we went to Disney World.

* Had a very bizarro thing happen at a craft get together the other night. May have to post that, as it's worth a mention for the "what the hell?!" factor alone.

* Wondering if anyone remembers that spectacular flop of an idea I had way back forever ago to have a cookie swap? Made cookies for a sleepover that Offspring went to that went over so well that I have given about an iota's amount of thought to resurrecting the idea. Of course, if it's only going to be me and CCW participating, I'll just say the hell with it. Anyone else actually interested enough to participate? Or is it too darn hot to be thinking about firing up the oven?

* Born of the cookie swap idea was an idea for a book swap as well, something I have mentioned here before and recently joked about with Amy. Is anyone interested in that? I know we all complain about how many books we have, but does anyone really want to mail your books off? We could set up rules about x many books per shipment, and stipulate that *these* books you pass on, and *these* books you return to the original owner. A cheaper way to cull the shelves, but also a way that you get new authors/new blood in. I dunno. I'm looking for a project, can you tell?

* Got a bunch of new craft supplies and made a bunch of new cards, so I have at least done *something* recently. Other than that, I've been a complete slug.


purple_kangaroo said...

I hope you feel better soon.

I'm interested in the Disney World and craft get-together stories.

Marni said...

Hope you feel better soon!

I'm always up to your stories! AND I would love to do a book swap... I've got plenty to go around. :)

amy said...

I'm in for the cookie swap.

I love the idea for a book swap, but every time I try to imagine some way to organize it, I end up recreating the PaperbackSwap system.

Definitely share the craft story, and I could be interested in the Disney stuff - especially if they're along the lines of JF's inter-car communication skills. Ha! He mooned 'em... Makes me laugh every time...

I have noticed lots of places that people don't comment on vacation posts that much. I don't, but then I don't comment much anywhere else but here. I still read the vacation posts, though, so don't let your comment box tell the whole story of how well the vacation stuff goes over.

Hey, do you think JF is available for husband-skill tutoring? There are days when I think mine needs a reminder that there's more to life than what's in his garage.

jo(e) said...

I'd love to swap books for cookies. I've got all kinds of books here, but it's way too hot to turn on an oven ....

ccw said...

As you know, I've been in baking mode the last few weeks so I have no problem making cookies.

As for books, I like the idea in theory but I think I might be too attached to my books to send them away. That probably sounds weird since I doubt there is bloggy plot to destroy my books.

I love the Disney posts.

I think the heat keeps people from commenting.

Sue said...

Sorry about your migraine. Ick.

I love the Disney stories!!! More please!!

Karyn said...


It looks like it will be my next lifetime before I get there again - indulge a girl! ;-)

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

What the rest said. I like the Disney, you know.