Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Random Junk

*So. Effing. Tired. I have no idea why, either. My students are all well aware that we have very few days of school left, and are all over the place. We had visiting Pre-K students come to visit yesterday, and *they* were more together than our kids were!

*The ankle continues to heal, though it's very stiff in the mornings, and I'm trying to do exercises throughout the day to build the strength back up in it. Most of the discoloration is gone, though there is still residual swelling.

*I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I will continue with Girl Scouts next year. I want to tell some of the parents to take a flying leap, but some are decent. and, I love the girls -- that's not the frustrating part. It's just a lot of work, and most of the time, some of the less involved parents make it out to be more hassle than it needs to be. The one main reason that I'm still on the fence about it is Offspring. I feel sure that she would drop out of the program entirely if I weren't involved, and that would be a shame. She loves what we do, and she's one of the girls who actually benefit from it. She does the work, she enjoys the meetings, and she feels a sense of accomplishment when she earns a badge. I've stuck with it for six years for her sake. I'm wondering if I should stick with it for another year. I want to do it for, but I would be just as happy if some others didn't return. Is that terrible of me?

*Got a GREAT picture back from a Girl Scout Mother-Daughter event -- I may have to scan it and post it later, if I have the time.... I was not able to attend this event due to being laid up with the foot, but Offspring went with my mother, the Hell's Granny. Mom chose (wisely, I thought) not to dress in her Harley-Davidson gear and screech up to the event on her Hawg. Offspring got to spend the night with her after the party, and had a great time.

That's all for now. I have to go get in the shower. I made a pinata for Cinco de Mayo for our students today, and I'm covered in Elmer's Glue.


liz said...

I love that your mom rides a Harley.

And, yeah, stay with it one more year. But not if it's giving you too many gas pains.

Karyn said...

Tricky business; I'm with Liz. Stick with it the one last year unless you find you need to swallow fistfuls of Zantac to get through it , in which case, you get your I'm So Done With This Badge and get the hell out of there.

ccw said...

If you really can stand to deal with the evil parents, I would stick it out for Offspring. I know Kid L's leader is in the same place as you which is why she is trying to get a co-leader to help. I hope that she opts to continue because I hate the idea of Kid L losing GS (this is why I volunteered to co-lead). Like Offspring, Kid L gets a lot of scouts.

I'm glad your ankle is doing better. Mine has been hurting; I think they are sympathy pains.

Would love to see the picture of your mom and Offspring. Although, I'm certain that it will not burn into my memory like the one of your mom dancing with loincloth Indian. (Not that I blame her, for a man in a loincloth he looked pretty good)

I hope your pinata turned out well. The only one I ever made could not be broken. We used too many layers.

Yankee T said...

Let me tell you something. Older Daughter's Girl Scout leader was a wonderful person, whose daughter definitely would have dropped out if not for her mother's involvement. There were some girls whose parents were total idiots, and several who loved her. She stuck it out at the urging of those of us parents who appreciated her and loved the companionship and fun the kids got from it. I helped wherever I could and mde sure that both the leader and OD knew I thought the leader was terrific. If you have one parent like me, they're begging you inside not to quit, even if they haven't said it.
No pressure, though!

Anonymous said...

I'm a GS leader to a 13, 10, 6 yr old. Every year about this time, I really reconsider heading it up: takes up too much time, all weekends are gone (camping etc.). But I'm finally at the point where I have wonderful girls and parents. I'm really lucky where I can pick and choose girls/parents who really want to be there.
You have to have adult help-- my parents step up and help me, going on trips when I can't go, being there when I need them, etc. Just let them know that this is not a babysitting service, they need to get involved in their child's life. Also, go to your council and tell them you still want to be a leader, but you're having problems--that's their job, to help you as a volunteer.

Sorry to ramble, hope this helps. Glad your foot is healing!!
Brjrgirl (now cadette and daisy too)

amy said...

Mmmmmm.... Elmer's glue.... Good times.... [shivering with the thought of it]

Jenevieve said...

Nothing useful to add, except that I quit when my mom stopped leading (she didn't want the added responsibility of starting/leading a senior troop, and the established troops were SO lame). I seriously loved GS, though. Best 9 years of my life!

Miche said...

Offspring and the other girls in her community are so blessed to have you involved. I know how tireless and unrewarding it must feel at times... especially when you get parents who think you're just "glorified baby-sitters."

Do what you feel is best for you and your family. Big *pats on the back* from here!