Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sweets For The Sweet

We had theorized quite a long time ago that the holidays were way too busy to support the idea of squeezing a cookie swap in among all the other hoopla. Most people who responded with interest for a swap said that a more appropriate time would be around Valentine's Day. I figured that this was a good time to revive this idea, and get started with the questionnaire that I thunk up.

For those of you who are interested, email me at mistresskoflee AT yahoo DOT com, and let me know that you want to participate. In the email, please include your real name and street address. This info will help ensure that your Baking Buddy gets your goodies to the right location. The info will not be seen by anyone other than myself and your Baking Buddy. Then, you can answer the questionnaire, and post it on your own blog (under the heading of "The Great Cookie Swap Questionnaire", so everyone can find it!) by January 24th. On January 25th, I will take the names of all participants, draw for Baking Buddies, and let you know via email what name was drawn for you. You can then peruse their website at your own pace and decide what goodies to make for them. I think we said that 2 dozen was a good amount -- you can make two seperate recipes, or just one; whichever you prefer. Take pictures (for further blog fodder) during the baking of your goodies, and of your parcel (opening AND consumption!) when it arrives. All packages will be mailed by February 7th so they will (hopefully) arrive in time for Valentine's Day. You may open your parcel the very second it arrives. Cookies are perishable, right? So, you have to eat them fast in order to maintain that optimum freshness! Sound good? Okay -- on to the questionnaire!

The Great Cookie Swap Questionnaire

(replace the italicized text with your answers)

1) If I should die in some cookie-related accident, you can be sure that my favorite cookie was to blame. They'll probably find those crumbs clutched in my fist. And sprinkled across my pillow.

2) I think that my least favorite cookie flavor or addition are an abomination unto man and should be pushed off a cliff into the roiling sea below! (Example, coconut, or grape jelly -- whatever!)

3) Please don't send me cookies with any allergies should be noted here, or things you can't eat for dietary or religious reasons, because I will end up in the ER/shunned by my parents, and you wouldn't want that on your conscience, would you? (If you don't have an allergy, that's fine. I know we have several in our blog community who do, though.)

4) I have a coworker who thinks that chocolate and mint are an appalling combination -- clearly, she is a delusional person -- but I think someone was not operating on all cylinders when they dreamed up this combination: choose your least favorite cookie duo/team here.

5) I hardly ever get to eat cookies because other people in my house always steal them from me! I plan to hide my cookies, and eat them all by myself!/ share them with my family.

6) My ideal cookie would have all of your favorite ingredients in it. Yum!

7) I am participating in this Cookie Swap because: list your own reasons here.


All right, you lot-- get to it, and send me an email if you are interested! I don't mind Canadian participants -- some of my favorite bloggers are North-of-the-Border types! Everyone is welcome! Happy baking and swapping!


ccw said...

I would love to get sweets in the mail. I am lazy, though and my depression makes it highly likely that I will eat what I make.

If no one wants to do this, I promise to swap with you. Do pumpkin squares count because they are my newest found crack to make?

ccw said...

Since that was fuzzy, I am willing to swap.

KLee said...

Apparently, no one is into this. If it's just you and me, I'll scrap the whole idea. I mean, I'll be happy to share cookies with you, but it's not worth going to all that trouble if no one's interested. Oh, well.