Sunday, December 03, 2006

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig

I've been Missing in Action this weekend due to our annual Girl Scout campout. The girls really enjoyed all the activities, but MY GOD, the complaining! I had two girls who complained because they didn't want to get their clothes dirty! We're at CAMP! You're gonna get dirty!

They complained about the weather. It was cold this weekend (well, cold for THIS part of the country) and we were pretty cold on Friday night. JF made a quick WalMart run on Saturday afternoon and got us a small space-heater. Saturday night, we fired up the little heater, and then they complained that they got hot.

One complained that she didn't like to walk. I wanted to be snippy and asked her when she'd learned to fly everywhere, but I managed not to. The hike was a barrel of fun with her shuffling along, grumbling and sticking to my side so much that she tripped me twice.

Then two started trash-talking to each other, calling each other names, and even got as far as the slapping stage. I threatened to handcuff them together until they could get along.

One girl talks just to hear herself talk. That gets REALLY annoying when it's midnight, and you're trying to sleep. Forgive me if I really don't care how many children her great-grandma has. At midnight after a hard day at camp, I don't even care how many kids *I* have.

Speaking of my child, she was a real trouper. She fell down and whacked her knee pretty good, but didn't even cry, and walked it off. She didn't complain, not once, even later after she vomited. I was so proud of her. She was the most well-behaved one all weekend.

The highlights of the trip were doing the low ropes obstacle course. The girls really had to work hard and pull together as a team. I got some great pictures of them working hard on the ropes. Maybe next year we can do the rock wall and the rappelling. We had a dance party that they enjoyed, and we got to make some jewelry.

For now, I have tons of laundry to do, and get caught up on some housework. And then I plan to go to bed early.


liz said...

You and your daughter are real troopers!!!

Old Lady said...

I loved Girl Sprouts. I liked the cooking on the fire bestest!

ccw said...

Glad you had fun! What did the girls think they wer going to do camping?

Kid L loved doing the low ropes course.