Sunday, December 10, 2006

Holiday Edition Bullets

And now for some random bullets because my brain has officially set off on vacation days:

*I'm sick of shopping, and I still have SO much left to do.

*Buying stuff for my father and stepfather is nigh on impossible. I've got nada in the way of ideas for either of them.

*I am planning to put up our Christmas tree and all of the assorted decorations tonight. Not that I said "planning." I'm also "planning" to do about three loads of laundry and go grocery shopping, but we'll see if all of this manages to get done. I will be utterly surprised if it all works out.

*I am having the HARDEST time keeping my big trap shut about my Secret Gift Person for the Winter Holiday Gift Exchange. I'm finding lots of great gifts, and making a few, but I am having to bite my tongue to ribbons not to give it away, both to my spoilee and to the bloggy community at large.

*I made all of these Christmas cards, and don't have enough people to send them to. I got a little happy with the card making, apparently.

*Had to buy new shoes for Offspring last night as her old ones were squinching up her toes painfully. I am much chagrined to note that her shoe size is now only two sizes smaller than my own. When did she get so big? Who allowed this to happen?

*I have not yet had the wild urge to start baking for the holidays, but I feel sure that it's not far off. I am wondering what in blue blazes I'm going to give out as my gifts this year to staff at school. I'm wondering if I have the time to make all of the items I have my eye on.... Maybe if I don't sleep or go to school....

*I wanted to order a set of fleecy holiday pajamas with cute little penguins on them, but they aren't available for shipping until December 24th. What good are holiday pajamas when they won't even SHIP until Christmas Eve? Still...they do have penguins on them....

*I had that weird dream again last night where all of my teeth are falling out. Can I say how odd it is to really have the sensation that you're spitting out all of your teeth like a hail of watermelon seeds? If the underlying basis of this dream is that I'm a nutjob, I really don't want to know.

*My mother is completely addicted to nutcrackers. She drags them out every Christmas, and has them lining the steps up to the main floor of her house. She must have about 50 of them. Is it enabling if I keep buying them for her?

*Offspring and I have seven and a half school days left until Christmas break. Can I tell you that these days will drag by slower than molasses going up a hill in January in the middle of a blizzard?

*I'm not finding much time (or ideas) for blogging lately. I don't know whether I'm in a slump, or if it's just the regular holiday craziness. I haven't been commenting on blogs much lately, either. I am reading, though. I just haven't got the time. Plus, Offspring and JF are using the computer that I mainly use to blog for computer games, and they've been hogging up the computer. (This is where JF will pop in to tell me that I do have a laptop -- I prefer the larger buttons of the desktop for blogging and computer games. I mainly use the laptop for reading other blogs and for research.)


Old Lady said...

Dreaming about teeth falling out is indicative of feelings of insecurity. I looked that up one day after so many of 'those' dreams!

ccw said...

I still have to shop for my FIL. I am clueless and Mr. MFBA is no help. I hate shopping for people that have everything.

I have had the teeth falling out dream. However, last night I dreamed I was having an affair with Mayor Carcetti from "The Wire".

You know I didn't make my cards but I'm glad you liked your card.

Kid L's new shoes are 1 size BIGGER than mine. I am dying!

Buy the nutcrackers. One can never have enough.

Kid L has 8 days left. I'm still upset that their vacation got cut by 3 days this year.

We will start baking this week b/c Kid L needs cookies for her bake sale (proceeds for needy kids) and cookies to decorate with the children at the women's shelter. I have been waiting because I will eat everything I make.

Karyn said...

The other day, I reached into the sock drawer where my socks are shamemfully not paired up. One sock felt a little funky around the toes, but I figured an elastic was shot or something, picked a reasonably close match, and off I went.

That night? Taking off the socks? Yeah.

Realized it belongs to my FIVE YEAR OLD. WTF!?

And the penguin jammies... well hello, they DO have penguins on em and those are good right up through March. Honest.

Jenevieve said...

ooh, you can send an extra card to Edinburgh!

Marni said...

I would like a card, please...

liz said...

Me too.

Re: Gifts for Dads...I have two, too, and here are my standbys:

Flannel boxer shorts. Available at Target. Christmas themes. And really, no one can ever have enough flannel. Right?

Very large mugs. Are you anywhere near a "Pottery You Paint" place or equivilent type thing? They have what I'm talking about and you can personalize it.

Nicely framed pictures of your daughter. Grandparents eat that stuff up.

purple_kangaroo said...

Hey, you can send one of those Christmas cards over here if you want to . . . do you still have my address?

I have that teeth-falling-out dream, too. Supposedly it signifies that you feel out of control in areas that are important to you in your life.