Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Too Tired For Anything But Bullets

Life, Chez KLee, bullet-style.

* I am so tired. My head feels like a watermelon on a toothpick. I hate sinus colds. Thank God it's winding down. I can't take much more of this mess. Thanks to all for the feel-good wishes. I sure need them. And some chocolate.

* I voted, but I'm not sure that my blue-ish votes will help much in my red state. I'm also too depressed to think about elections and candidates and how much they all suck. I got no less than FIVE telephone messages from one dude running for governor -- here's a clue, fella: When you bug me on my phone, it's annoying. When you bug me FIVE TIMES, I'm sure as hell not voting for you, just on principle. Let that be a fact you bring to your campaign people. Once is bad enough. Multiple times is a fast track to unemployment.

* There's a guy outside my house using a leaf blower. Normally this wouldn't be an item worthy of mention, but *it's raining!* This guy needs to be smacked with the clue-by-four.

* We're almost out of butter. Not monumental, but I thought you should know. (I told you I was tired.)

* My students are obviously suffering from "WIC" disease. WIC is shorthand for "When is Christmas?!?!" They are starting to get that holiday fever. Normally, I have one or two who we have to move through our discipline system each day. On a bad day, we've had four or five. Today, we had TEN children who got in trouble. And it's really annoying. I had to bring down the wrath of Teacher on them, and they were NOT happy. It must be a full moon, or there must be something in the water.

* The Jerks next door let their dog poop on our lawn again. Methinks they've forgotten the hood incident. I'm feeling evil, but I may not feel evil enough to face the rain to go out and handle dog excrement.

* I have not yet started to Christmas shop, and I'm dreading it. I LOVE the holidays, but the shopping -- eh, not so much. I'm much more in the mood to make holiday crafts than to buy gifts. I do have a few crafts that I'll be giving away, and I have to make another one of those holiday centerpieces as a hostess gift for a party this Saturday. I hope I have enough oomph to get that going.

Well, I'm about bulleted out. Hope you all are welll. Maybe I can scare up some energy later.


Karyn said...

Advil Cold & Sinus.
Hot tea.
Heating Pad on forehead.
Sex & The City DVDS or POTC dvds.

Feel better!

Jenevieve said...

"...the hood incident."

Do tell.

Marni said...

"A clue-by-four" LOVE IT! Must use it soon...

Hope you feel better, too... I hate those sinus infections. I'm due for one any day...

KLee said...

Karyn: am taking enough "Severe Cold" meds to float the Hindenburg. And it's too hot here for a heating pad. Temps are still in the mid 70s here. After being in the 40's three or four days ago -- no wonder we're all sick. And (here goes our friendship) I don't like "Sex and the City." I'll substitute that for the "Highlander" DVD and any James Bond movie with Sean Connery.

Jeni: "the hood incident" happened when my jerky neighbors let their dog crap in my yard one too many times without bothering to clean it up. I waited until a day when they walked the dog and left a steamy pile on my lawn, and when they went back in, I put the pile on the warm hood of the jerky guy's truck. It got all warm and melty. It was divine retribution, all right. They stopped letting the dog use our lawn as his personal toilet for a while, but now they've started back. I may need to remind them of the errors of their ways. (I'm evil, I know.)

Marni: That's an old expression that I picked up from my "Homicide" newsgroup. It works on so many levels. And you're welcome to steal that and use it as you wish. :)

liz said...

In Brooklyn, I used to walk my dog and I'd always have extra NYTimes bags (absolutely perfect for the purpose, btw). If I saw someone NOT clean up after their dog, I'd do it for them, then we'd run to catch up with them and I'd say, "You forgot this."

liz said...

Feel better soon.

Lemon tea with a splash of rum.

Old Lady said...

I'm thinking that next week will be much better

purple_kangaroo said...

I hope you feel better!

I'm with you on the phone calls from politicians thing . . . especially the calls from robots.

Our next-door neighbor vaccuums the pine needles off his driveway and the street in front of his house at least once a week.