Saturday, November 04, 2006

KLee Who?!?

I know that I've been posting even more infrequently than normal -- forgive me. I have caught a nasty cold (thank you, my lovely children) and am feeling like something stuck to the bottom of a shoe.

In between naps and dispensations of NyQuil, I am trying to read blogs and comment. I feel a little more functional today than in days past, thanks to my long-suffering husband, who made an emergency (and invective-filled) run to the store for said NyQuil for me.

Hopefully, I will be feeling more human in the next day or two, and will be able to have the strength to focus on normal tasks. As it is, I find myself drifting and having very pyschedelic daydreams. I blame the NyQuil.


liz said...

Take your time and just get better!!!

Hugs and tissues

Miche said...

Oh geez. I hope you didn't catch it from us! We're almost down and out for the count. (Well, I am, anyway.)

Hope you take the time to rest and get better Real Soon Like!

Old Lady said...

Plus, you are a teacher, around children all day. Zinc!!!! Take care!

Karyn said...

Got to love that NyQuil.

My Lopressor does that - gives me funky ass trippin' dreams. Thank God for high blood pressure.

Feel better chickie!

purple_kangaroo said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Bridget said...

been sick here too- had to ask myself the question when you wake up at 5 to nurse a screaming baby and feel like shit- do you take nyquil or dayquil? Or does it not really matter at that point?