Monday, September 18, 2006

A Hail of Bullets

Since I'm low on blog fodder, I decided to let you know what's going on here at Chez KLee via the ever-popular bullets.

* My darling daughter just recieved an award for being the second child in her whole school this year to win a medal for reading. I'm so proud of her! She also got her first middle-of-term grade report, and all her grades were good. She's been doing so well.

* My right foot has been bothering me lately -- well, since last spring, really. I started walking a mile back in April or May, trying to get ready for all the major walking we do at Disney World. While walking, I started getting a sore right foot. It wouldn't bother me so much while I walked, but afterward: oh, the pain! Flash forward to the present: the foot still hurts, but only every now and then, and usually after a long day on my feet, or right upon getting up. Dr. Google (even though Karyn thinks he's an asshat) diagnoses me with plantar fasciitis. The kicker about it is that it's common in overweight people, but you can't walk for exercise because it exacerbates the condition. I broke down and had to buy orthopedic shoes. Fun, no?

* I'm anticipating cooler weather so much! I'm tired of being sweaty, and I'm tired of washing funky laundry. If I didn't sweat so much, the laundry wouldn't be so funky.

* I bought a bunch of new rubber stamps, and I am looking forward to their arrival so I can create some new cards and scrapbook pages. Those projects will probably feature heavily in my box/gift for Andrea's Winter Holiday Gift Exchange. I'll be stampin' like a madwoman! If I have your address, watch out -- you may be getting a card from me!

* JF is really excited -- he's potentially found a juggling buddy! Said friend will be teaching him to pass clubs, so he's really into the whole idea of having a partner, since I am hopelessly inept at juggling. (I'm lucky that I can walk a straight line most days.) He also found this video of the juggling guy that he's so in awe of, and has been torturing me with it for the last couple of days.

* School is going fairly well, but it's hard to believe that we've been in class a whole month now. We're on the start of week five, and already they've learned a lot. We have some challenges ahead, but it's nothing we can't overcome with hard work.

Well, that's pretty much all that's happening here. Excitement abounds, right? Oh, well. We can't all have cute kids who charm the pants off people everywhere and utter bloggable posts every time they blink! I'd never get anything done!


Yankee, Transferred said...

Please tell me where you ordered your rubber stamps. I've been looking on line. When I lived in Boston, InkaDinkaDo had a huge place. Here? Nothing. Will you email me at memphisclaireatgmaildotcom?

Beanie Baby said...

Yay! Can't wait to see hte stamping stuff.

ccw said...

- Congratulations to Offspring! That is quite an accomplishment. Kid L's interim reports card comes out Friday and I am highly suspicious that she may be slightly mamed after that day.

- I'm so sorry that your foot is still bothering you. Have you made an appointment with a doctor?

- It's cool this morning and will only be 65 today. I slept so well last night.

- If I get you in the exchange I can promise that there will be no stamping or creativity that is not store bought. Wow, I am lazy!

- Glad JF has found a juggling buddy. I'm sure he's thrilled to have someone to practice with.

- So happy to hear that school is going well and the children are being good.

Old Lady said...

Well, I have that problem with my feet too. I have stomped them to death trying to walk and exercise my weight off. I haven't been Officially diagnosed but everything I have read says too bad so sad. Any way, I have developed a slight relieving remedy. Cool epsom salt foot soak, a good spa foot cream with tea tree oil and cold packs-pop 2 aspirin and in a couple of days they feel better.

Karyn said...

It's fucking AfricaHot here again. 82 degrees at 8:30pm in the kitchen with the fans on. SUCKO.

I think Dr. Google is fascinating but he scares the bejeezus out of me every time we have a late night consultation. I am sorry for your footie pain - there is little more frustrating and ouchie than that. :( When pregnant I was diagnosed with bone spurs and instructed not to wear anything at too great a slope to prevent discomfort. I don't think they were bone spurs; I never went back to have them fixed and lo, no more foot pain either... although now the arthritis kicks in with a vengeance, so don't worry, the universe is still screwin with me.

And how happy was I to be included in that highlighted rockin'blogger link portion ? Pretty darn.

And ps, have I mentioned I'm so jealous of your upcoming Disney trip? Let me mention it now, then, shall I? JEALOUS! Happy for you, yes, but still.

liz said...

Sorry about the foot, I've had that too...but it went away after doing stretching exercises recommended by the doctor.

Does JF like the Flying Karamazov Brothers? I used to love their "Juggling and Cheap Theatrics" routines.

Anne Glamore said...

Congrats on the great reading!!

Hope your foot feels better soon.

Juggling Freak said...

Liz, The Karamazov's are pretty cool, but Jason Garfield is God.

Dr. Johnson said...

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