Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So Many Things to Do, and SO Little Time in Which to Do Them

Okay, so school (for me) begins in just a few short days. I have a whole list of things that I was supposed to accomplish before school began and very few of them have been checked off my list. It's actually quite sad what a slug I've been this summer.

*I promised JF back at the beginning of the summer that I'd get my hearing checked. He swears that I'm stone deaf because every summer, we have the same argument: When we sit in our living room, I take the couch that's closest to the A/C unit, and he mumbles. So, I have a lot of difficulty hearing him, and he's taken to shouting at me. Neither of us is enjoying the situation very much. If there's ambient noise, I often have trouble hearing quieter noises. I do need to have it checked out, but I think I've been delaying because I really don't want to know if sonething is really wrong. At any rate, I now have an appointment for Friday afternoon.

*Also on Friday, I'm leaving for a Girl Scout overnighter. The trip should be fun, and I'm looking forward to spending a day and night in the company of my Girl Scout buddies.

*Offspring has been complaining that she needs new glasses. I discovered that her head has grown, and she's right. Her current glasses are way too small for her head. She has an appointment at the optometrist today at 2:30. Hopefully, her eyes haven't degenerated too much. (And please, Glasses Gods, don't charge me the Gross National Prodouct of a Small European Nation to get new ones!)

*We have tremendously overdue books at the Local Library. I really should take these back today while we're out.

*I still haven't done all the laundry from the last trip we went on. Have I mentioned how much I HATE doing laundry?

*I still have yet to get our digital prints from this year's Disney Trip printed out, much less even actually scrapbooked them. So much for all those cool new Disney scrapbook items that I bought at the beginning of the summer. They lie on my desk, forlorn.

*I should be planning my upcoming Girl Scout year, instead of playing endlessly on the computer.

*I need to go find Offspring's school supply list, and make sure that I have all of her supplies ready for the first day. Her meet-the-teacher day is VERY soon, and I don't want to be crashing Wal-Mart with all the other people who didn't get what they were supposed to the day before school begins. You *all* know my history with Wal-Mart.

*I was actually supposed to exercise this summer. That went absolutely nowhere, thanks to my slug-like nature. I even bought a pedometer to help jolt me into getting out there to exercise even more. It really helped. (Riiiight.)

*I probably didn't get dressed enough days of this summer. Scary thought, no?

I'm a sad, lazy individual. Instead of getting all my slated chores done this summer, I've sat in front of this computer. You people are a bad influence! (See my level of deniability? You are all now accomplices. And maybe enablers, too.)


jugglingfreak said...

It's not just in the summer or when you're near the A/C. It's anywhere and everywhere. I have to say everything a minimum of 2 times though it's usually 3. Oddly, no one else has a problem hearing me.

Old Lady said...

I get that with the A/C & mumbling as well. Hmmmm!

KLee said...

Hush, husband! I get enough hassling from you without getting in on my own blog, too!

I'm taking care of it on Friday. So there! :P

Bridget said...

yeah, the blogs, good influence or bad? lots of fun, interesting, sweetness, and yet.
ah screw it, i love 'em.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame me. It isn't like I begged you to start blogging. Oh wait, I did. Never mind.

ccw said...

Don't blame me, just because I am dirty and in pj's doesn't mean you to be! :)

Karyn said...

But isn't this way more fun than the other crap? Plus you are staying up to date with technology which, let's face it, is essential for parenting & teaching. Maybe you can start a class blog, now that you have allllllll this experience! Huh?! Huh?! (I should have been a Spin Doctor.)

liz said...

You can blame me if you want. I'll take as much credit as you want for your damn' fine posts.

halloweenlover said...

Josh swears I'm deaf too, but I just choose to ignore him ; )

Poor Offspring! I'll keep fingers cross for the glasses.

You're already going back to work? ALREADY? Goodness, that seems to soon!!!