Sunday, August 06, 2006

Not-So-Random Bullets

I'm now back in town, recuperating from staying up late with my Girl Scout cronies all night playing dice and cards. And I'm tired.

*I woke up at about 6:30 this morning (which is practically *unheard* of!) because I had a very vivid dream and a migraine at the same time. The dream was that I was in a long hallway that was (somehow) connected to Phantom Scribbler's house. I was sobbing my heart out in a corner, and Phantom and LG came out to comfort me. I had just been informed that my brother had been shot down over Iraq and had been killed. LG hugged me, and this was a Major Step for LG because he didn't interact very much with strangers. Okay. Let's dissect this dream, shall we?

I live nowhere near Phantom. There are about ten states between us. How would I unerringly know where to go to even GET to Phantom's house? And my brother has never been in the military, and does not fly. He's a landscape architect. Phantom looked just like her cartoon in her profile. While she had lovely pixels, I somehow doubt that she's very pixellated in life. LG, as we all know, is a total rock star. While he might be shy upon meeting strangers, I doubt that I would be the Annie Sullivan to break him out of his Helen Keller shell, a la my dream. Score one to the weirdo dreams.

*During my doctor's appointment Friday, I was told that I have tendonitis in my wrist and epicondylitis in my elbow. I got a prescription for higher milligram naproxen sodium to help with the inflammation, and a wrist brace to help with the tendonitis. I was also told that I do have hearing loss, but I had to be referred to an ENT for a further examination, since my GP doesn't have the equipment to pinpoint how severe the loss might be. They will set up a referral with the ENT and get back to me.

*Monday, I have to go pick up Offspring's new glasses. At her appointment last week, she'd had some changes in her prescription. not much, but enough to warrant new glasses. And, since her old ones were getting too small for her head, it's a good thing that we took the time to get them now. I really liked the optometrist that she saw. He was very personable, and put some of my fears to rest. (The first optometrist that Offspring saw had said that he was worried about "such degeneration" in a child as young as Offspring -- the new guy pooh-poohed that attitude, and said that her eyesight was not all that bad. Yes, having glasses would help her focus in her schoolwork more, but there was no reason to be so alarmist about it. It made me feel better.)

*Got a haircut last Thursday. Really short. It's so much easier to take care of, but I need to re-blonde it. I don't like my hair dark. I have a picture of said haircut to post, if anyone's interested.

*Work starts back on Wednesday. I love my students, I really do. But, it's really hard to go back to work after 10 weeks off. So, we're celebrating our last weekend of summer with a trip to our local Ben and Jerry's Scoop shop. JF will come close to the point of overdosing on Buzzachillos.

*My Girl Scout Unit has a leader's retreat coming up at the end of August. We are planning to scrapbook all night, and do fun activities. I'm very excited. The new Stampin' Up! catalog is out, and we're all planning our Wish Lists. I really want one of the hostess sets, so I will have to just plan myself a party. We're all very addicted to Stampin' Up!, and we have a lovely stamp lady on call. We love her, and she feeds our scrapbook and stamp habits in a very unhealthy, but very profitable for her, way. You could say that she's our dealer.

*JF had never heard the phrase "asshat" before the Gibson thread the other day. I had heard it plenty of times, and was therefore very surprised that he hadn't. So, he's been manufacturing reasons to use it in any and every conversation. Thank you all for teaching him that one.

*The faithful and trusty suitcase that I've had since the early days of my marriage has bitten the dust. This last overnighter was the straw that broke the camel's back. Or handle, to be more precise. I could go the really Southern route of repairing it with duct tape and continuing to use it, but I think I'll just give it a dignified death.

I'm about bulletted out. I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend, and will have a lovely week to come.


Karyn said...

I am honored to have contributed to the corruption of JF's vocabulary.

So do you think I'm an asshat now?

Old Lady said...

He, he, he! You have been very busy, you make sure you rest before you go back to work!

Phantom Scribbler said...

I swear, if I have to one more yelled rendition of a Bruce Springsteen song tonight, I will send LG down to you via parcel post. Then you can be the Annie Sullivan to his Helen Keller. Or what you will.

I'm glad your brother isn't in Iraq. You had me worried there for a minute...

ccw said...

Glad you had fun on your trip!

Really glad that Offspring's eyes are ok. The new doctor sounds great, the other one sounds like an asshat. Sorry you are in pain.

Have an enjoyable two days before work starts.

Asshat is now stuck in my mind to the tune of the backpack song from Dora. Asshat, asshat. That is too much!

ccw said...

Oh, the dream is hysterical! I have no idea what that is about.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank goodness, I'm not the only one who had never heard the word, "asshat", used in conversation before. It's unlikely that I'll ever use it in my own conversation but, then again, maybe I'll just save it up for a special occasion. ;)

La Binsk

medieval woman said...

I'm glad you had a fun trip with the Girl Scouts! I'm glad your traumatic dream was just a dream - I've been having them a lot lately too - so has Ancrene Wiseass, apparently. There must be something in the north American water system.

Enjoy your last weekend before back to school!

molly said...

Sorry your summer is about to end. Hope it was a good one. And how weird is it that dreams are like that? Why is it that our sleeping brains think it's necessary to disguise our thoughts so much that we can't understand what we were thinking when we finally regain consciousness and coherence? How useless is that? Think of how much we could save on analysis if only we could understand our own dreams and didn't need interpreters!

Asshat is my new favorite word. Much classier than asshole.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

halloweenlover said...

That dream is too funny! LG would totally give you a hug, I think. He is such a cutie!

The stamping party sounds fabulous.

I also like to say that I am ripshit, when I am very angry. He might like that one too.

Jugglingfreak said...

Asshat is now added along with the phrase "jerkass" that I picked up from the simpsons.

liz said...

What everybody else said, and I'd love to see a picture of your new haircut.

Anonymous said...

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