Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nothing in the World Like Crimson Skin

You'd think I would need to stay indoors, or away from the harsh glare of sunlight, much like one of those deep sea fish that are so pale as to luminesce. Here's photographic evidence that the sun and I are not sympatico.

Now I'll go slather myself in aloe and pray for the pain to fade quickly.


Allison said...

Ouch! I can't believe that didn't make it into your Wed. whine. Aloe is good, but spray-on aloe with solarcaine is even better. Anything to avoid touching a burn like that.

Songbird said...

Yikes! Be gentle with yourself.

KLee said...

Allison -- that *was* part one of my whine. I have been unable to move for the better part of two days, even with the aloe AND solarcaine. It's that bad.

Songbird -- I can't do much til it stops hurting so terribly. Took Offspring to the library today, and wearing the seat belt was like a thousand shards of glass poking into my flesh. And that was the *good* part.

Karyn said...

Dude! We really ARE the same person! Yikes! Ok - have you tried hitting it with the ol' one-two combo of Tylenol & Noxema? Or Tylenol & Solarcaine? Or Tylenol & Dermaplast? Or, the Big Daddy of Desperation, Tylenol + VINEGAR - like a BOTTLE of white vinegar, I'm talking as in pour it over you like you were a salad.

Any of these routes will leave you wildly fragrant (and not in a come-hither way... although personally, my cat liked Noxema and tried to lick it off my neck - ew), but all of them also work.

That looks so painful! SUNBLOCK, SISTAFREN! I now use 50+, or if necessary, I snag the kids 60+. And wear a hat. And stay in from 10-2. Pathetic.

Karyn said...

PS: That should have read "And *I* wear a hat. And *I* stay in from 10-2. And *I'm* pathetic."

Just to be clear.

KLee said...

The saddest thing, Karyn, is that I DID apply SPF 50 sunblock. *Twice*. And I wore a shirt for about 2 of the five hours we were out. So, I got this sunburned in *three hours* while wearing two applications of SPF 50 "waterproof" sunblock. Waterproof, my ass!

And, yes -- I did try the vinegar. We didn't have enough for me to shower with, but I did soak a washcloth in vinegar, and applied it like a cool compress. It was a temporarty measure.

I don't have any Noxema, but I feel sure that my cat would have licked it off of me. She does that whenever I have Vapo-Rub on my fingers, or any time I rub my husband's feet with peppermint lotion. I also have no Dermaplast, since that's something my weenie duaghter would never let near her body since it "stings." And, yes, many, many milligrams of Tylenol have wound their way through my luridly red body. It's only taken the edge off.

I'm such a dumbass.

purple_kangaroo said...

Ouch, ouch! I hope the aloe helps and you feel better quickly.

BTW, I just posted some links about using sign language in the classroom for you.

ccw said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch!!

That looks so painful!

liz said...


Oh, KLee, sweetie. I hurt just looking at that.

Send someone out pronto to get you more soothing stuff. Sitting in a cool water tub is also good.

Next time, maybe a parasol? Or the sun-block clothes Travel Smith and LL Bean?

KLee said...

Liz -- I wish! They don't make sunblock clothes in sizes that large. and I *was* sitting under an umbrella! That's why I'm so freaked out that I burned so badly. Burned this bad in 3 hours, with 2 applications of sunblock, AND under a thick canvas umbrella. I'm some sort of sun mutant, apparently.

P-K -- thanks for the links! I can't wait to study them!

Anonymous said...

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