Saturday, June 17, 2006

And Now -- to Bore You All With Vacation Pictures!

This is JF's infamous Sombrero. Yes, he bought it. Now it hangs on the wall in our living room. Offspring did not buy the Sorcerer hat, but she wanted to. She decided to spend her money on more important stuff, though -- Mickey ice creams.

The other shot is JF and Offspring on a Surrey Bike at the Boardwalk resort. We went to the boardwalk for dinner, and a walk around. Offspring wanted to rent a Bike, but since we were WAY too stuffed from dinner to pedal, we declined. So, she had to settle for a picture instead.

If these two pics don't bore you into a stupor, I may post more.


Songbird said...

Cute hats! And great smiles. I'm glad the vacation was fun!!

jo(e) said...

I like the sombrero. I wouldn't hang it in the living room -- I would wear it everywhere!

I love vacation photos -- they look so relaxed and happy.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Love the hat picture. When I went to DW in college with my girlfriends, CrazyGirl and I would have our pictures taken wearing different, weird hats in every store (or, in Epcot's Worldshowcase, every country). There are pictures of us with fezes, sombreros, coonskin caps, princess hats, tri-corner hats, etc. I love those pictures. Of course, unlike JF, we didn't purchase any of what we tried on.

KLee said...

APL -- he doesn't *normally* purchase the hats he tries on, but the sombrero was obviously too cool to pass up. He also has a pirate do-rag with Mickey ears from a couple of trips ago.

jo(e) - You and JF are both on the cutting edge of fashion, naturellement! I did have to wrestle it away from him so he could, you know, shower and stuff.

I'm one of those people who are into the Trading Pins, so there are very few pictures of me, because I was always stopping off to ooh and aah over the different pins. :)

Karyn said...

Post more Disney pics, I beg of you! I am sooo needing a Disney fix! (DH bought a Viking helmet in Epcot @ the Norway Pavillion in World Showcase... a viking helmet with BRAIDS... and WORE IT all day...) I'm so linking this blog to mine! :)

halloweenlover said...

Your two cuties are adorable! More pictures!