Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bursting at the Seams...

This time of year is always busy for us here in HumidityLikeABrickWall. We usually have a lot of projects going on all at one time. For the past four or five years, we've been mired very deeply in the all-American tradition of Girl Scout Cookies.

As a mother, I'm glad to see Girl Scouts help my daughter grow in confidence and personal strengths. I'm glad of the sense of belonging and community it offers her. But every year, I hate having to try to find storage room for all those blasted cookies. I shouldn't say "blasted." I should say "the cog that turns the wheel that is our troop's finances," but I find that I'm less and less excited at the idea of shlepping around all those blasted cookies.

Don't get me wrong, I love the cookies. I love them all too much, as my enormous girth will attest. I love that my eight scouts have sold so many cookies that we will garner over $1,000 profit this year. I love that my daughter sets her goals for cookie earning, and does her best to meet and exceed those goals. and that every year, she usually does very well in the cookie sale, not only in numbers, but also in initiative and drive, and in manners.

I hate having to load and unload (multiple times) 172 cases of cookies. I hate the crushed toes when a case or three falls on my foot. You wouldn't think cookies would be so heavy, but they are. Deceptively so. I hate having to "give up" my newly furnished craft room (in what used to be Offspring's nursery lo those many moons ago) because it's full to overflowing with cookie cases.

If I don't post for a week or so, send a search team out to see if I'm caught under an avalanche of boxes. At least I won't starve while awaiting rescue.


lostinthemiddle said...

Of course, I had to come over right away to see what was going on w/cookies once you mentioned it. I mean, seriously, just say cookies and I there.

Boy oh boy, though. That *is* A LOT of cookies.

And, OUCH! Do please watch the toes.

KLee said...

But, see....that's only Offspring's cookies. Well, that, and the ones we take out to the public to sell. There were MORE of them. 2,015 boxes of cookies, to be precise. (Or, 172 cases, each with 12 boxes.)

Yes, it's a lot of freakin' cookies.

Now, if only I wasn't dieting, and I could eat some of those cookies....mmmmm....shortbread!

ccw said...

I have never touched the role of cookie mom, so we only had the cookies that Kid L sold. We have much less "drive" when it comes to cookie selling. Be careful with those boxes! Congrats to Offspring on her sales.

I will not reveal how many boxes I personally bought, but we have eaten 5 or 6 since Friday and our pile is still quite large. The sad thing is, I am looking forward to our cookie shop so that I can pick up a few more pb sand b/c they taste really good this year.

KLee said...

ccw -- I am very partial to the chocolate covered shortbread, but they are out for me this time. I'm on a "cutting back" plan (not really a diet, per se, but close enough) and cookies aren't part of the plan. (Dang it all.)

I try not to weigh myself obsessively, but I know I've lost more than 25 pounds at this point. People are beginning to motice. So, I can only stare longingly at the cookies. Guess the ones that I ordered are going into the freezer for much, much later. :)

Harmonia said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! You have a wonderful place here! I am going to link you today!

Glad to meet another Monkees FAN!

Sue said...

Oh I LOVE the cookies!! You folks get all those cool flavours too -- up here we only get the chocolate and vanilla combo box. But they'll do just fine thanx. I usually buy two or three boxes.... yum!

You're such a great Mom to do the cookie sale thing KLee!1

lostinthemiddle said...

25 lbs.?! That's a huge deal. So hard. You're awesome. You're strong. You're brave.

Phantom Scribbler said...

What lostinthemiddle said. 25lbs. is amazing. Good for you!

And I hope your toes stay clear of those cookies.

KLee said...

Thanks, guys! I've been trying really hard to lose some of the weight. I know it's more than 25 at this point, but I'm not sure how much more. The last time I weighed (over a month ago) the scale was 25 pounds lighter.

Sue, we have ALL kinds of flavors! If you're interested, maybe we can work some sort of deal out! We can do some sort of Canadian/American friendship cookie exchange! After all, this is the month where we Girl Scouts learn about Scouting (and its traditions) in other countries! (It's called World Thinking Day.) And, I'm not just involved with the cookies, I'm a troop leader. This is my fourth year with my girls, and I love it.

Welcome, Harmonia! I'm glad to see that you popped over here! I'll have to throw a link to you up on my sidebar! How can I *not* support a fellow Monkees fan?!?! :) (Remind me later to show you my pictures from the concerts, if I can find them!)

Anybody else want to relieve me of the burden of some cookies? :)