Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Reveal!

My Christmas was made so much brighter by the wonderful Suze from Still Baking! I was the proud

recipient of a lovely cheery red stocking stuffed with amazing Christmas goodies! I knew that it would be a great package even before I got the mailing envelope opened -- it smelled *heavenly*! Like a fine chocolatier's shop! Boy, does Suze know the way to my heart!

I got a wonderful quilt magazine (from which I shall be kept busy for NEXT Christmas!), some dark chocolate hot cocoa, a (unfortunately squished, but still yummy!) chocolate reindeer, two wiggly Christmas pencils, a Christmas candle, a pad of paper (for making lists of all those things I normally forget!), and some Christmas-themed fingernail decals that I am instructed to share with Offspring. What a haul! Here are pictures. I'm not going to show the envelope, so as to preserve what little anonymity I have left. :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Suze! I love my gifts, and you are as sweet as Southern Iced Tea (so sweet you can stand a spoon up in the glass!) to help make my holiday even more special. I hope the gifts that you got were as lovely as the ones you sent me. Now, please excuse me while I clean chocolate reindeer bits out of my keyboard.


Running2Ks said...

OH yay! This was so much fun. I wanna play again, again!

ccw said...

What fun! I will have to join in next year. I LOVE the Christmas fingernal tattoos, so much fun.