Monday, January 23, 2006

The Other Man in my Life

Every year, my little family heads south to Disney World. This summer, we will make our ninth trip to, as we say, worship at the shrine of the Mouse. Many of our friends and family ask why we return, time and time again to the same place. There are many reasons. First -- there are always new things to see and do at Disney World. There's been a new ride every year we've gone, and Animal Kingdom opened on our second or third trip. We've been to Disney so many times, and yet we still haven't managed to do everything yet. Second -- it's within our budget. We book our vacations a year in advance, and pay a little off each month. This is the only way we'd ever be able to afford it! If we just had to come up with two thousand "extra" dollars, we'd never make it. Third -- there's something for everyone. My husband goes into paroxysms of delight over Star Wars Weekends at MGM Studios. Offspring revels in all the animal life at Animal Kingdom and thrills to the water slides at the water parks. I love the Magic Kingdom; from Cinderella Castle to riding Space Mountain, from eating turkey legs to nibbling on Mickey-shaped tortilla chips.

When Offspring was small, she was all about the Princesses. It was a major thrill for her to place her small hand in Cinderella's white satin-gloved one, and have her picture made. She sat with awe, in Cinderella Castle on the big throne, wide-eyed at the knowledge that her idol, Cinderella, was somewhere in that castle. Even at ten, she's still pretty fond of Cinderella. We don't have to rush-rush-rush like we once used to for the photo op with "Cindy" these days, but seeing Cinderella Castle still evokes a gasp of delight from her.

As for me, I'm all about Mickey. I love Mickey. Far more than any grown woman ought to. This Christmas, I got a Mickey watch, a Mickey pocketbook, a Mickey necklace and earring set, and countless other Mickey items. I think my husband's starting to get suspicious!

When people ask me why I still go to Disney World after all this time, all I have to do is whip out the pictures. Don't we look like we're having fun? How can you resist this face?


ccw said...

Have never been, but Kid L has always begged. Glad you all have so much fun. Do share some of the great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Just yesterday, Dread Pirate Toddler asked, "When can we go to Disney World?" I didn't know he even knew the place existed. So we'll have to schedule an Orlando blogger meet-up in a few years.

Running2Ks said...

I've been to Disney so many times--I vowed I wouldn't go back without having children.

The time is near.... :)

lostinthemiddle said...

That's a pretty cute picture. There's something both sweet and slightly impish the smile, no?

Anonymous said...

I've only been to Disney World once but I had a blast. And a pair of really sore feet afterwards ... But it was worth it!

La Binsk

Sue said...

I loved Disney World! It was total immersion in delight. Our boys were older (18 and 16) when we went, but it made it all the more fun. We had SO much fun together.

We have a picture of my son Fabulous and I with ALL SEVEN DWARVES (they were changing shifts -- some were going off shift, some just starting). It's a great pic.

I too lined up for a picture with Mickey. I mean, who wouldn't?

halloweenlover said...

My best friend also adores disney, in fact, she honeymooned there and said it was FANTASTIC.

I think it is a wonderful place, full of fun. Have a great time!

Your daughter is just tooo cute!

purple_kangaroo said...