Friday, December 23, 2005

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

With Christmas and the beginning of Hanukkah sl close upon us, I wanted to take a minute and talk about the things I like most about the season.

First off, I like the excitement of the children. Whether it's my own child, or my charges at school, I love seeing the wonder as it dawns on their faces. I love the exclamations of joy, and the happiness that seems to encompass all around.

I love all the searching for the "perfect" gift for someone. I love baking all the goodies. I love spending time with my family. I love the sense of togetherness and "all is right with the world" that I see around me.

Now, JF is convinced that I'm a hopeless optimist, and he's probably right. Scrivener is busy pointing out what, exactly, is wrong with our so-called leaders, and Peripatetic Polar Bear got robbed. Yes, I know terrible things are happening out there, and while I'm not ignoring them, the good of this time of year always seems to override the bad. At least, in my little corner of the world (and in my mind) it does.

I love having a Christmas tree. I bought new lights this year for the tree (LEDs, yay!) and only bught two strands, rather than the three or four we normally use. JF exulted over the fact that we no longer had a "frickin' glow tree" in the living room. Apparently, I like frickin' glow trees, too.

I don't have all that memories of Christmases growing up. Not because they weren't good, or anything, but because I'm lucky I can remember my name most days. And, it's a real good day if I can remember that the clothes go on with the seams on the inside, and where the hell my car keys are. (I once found my car keys in the refrigerator. I'm at a loss to explain how they got there in the first place. Don't ask. If you're like me, it'll just make your brain go all hurty.)

For those of you that can remember, here's a little Christmas meme:

1) What is your most vivid memory of Christmases/Hanukkah as a child? (This can be good or bad, whichever you want to play it.)
My answer -- My grandmother had a split level house, and it was set on a sloping hill. I remember being at her house for one Christmas when I was small, and actually waking up with snow on the ground. (This **never** happened.) We went sledding on the hill, and I remember the sensation of flying.

What is your fondest memory of Christmas/Hanukkah as an adult?
I think it would have to be making the holidays special for my daughter and husband. I especially cherish the first Christmas where Offspring really participated. She was almost 2, and the delight she took in the tree, and the gifts, and in Santa was a joy to behold.

3) What was your favorite gift as a child?
I can't remember a particular favorite, but I do remember getting a plastic cow that drank water out of a trough and mooed very loudly. (JF thought I was insane when I related this gift to him several years ago. We had to get online and prove that there really was such a thing.)

4) What was your favorite gift as an adult?
The ones my daughter bought with her own money. When she was in first grade, she bought me a butterfly pin, and she picked it out all by herself, with her own allowance, and even wrapped it all on her own. I think it was the fact that she worked so hard to make me happy.

5) What's your favorite holiday tradition? (This can be a well-known one, or one just from within your own family.)
We all joke that my mother-in-law could burn Jello. Actually, there's some truth to that joke -- she really can't cook. So, we always go to her house for Christmas Day, and then go to a local Japanese restaurant for "Christmas Dinner." It started because the Japanese place was the only thing open, and it's now become a tradition.

6)What's the one thing you have to eat for the holidays?
Lately, I have to have the infamous "Praline Cookies." I got the recipe from a co-worker last year, and they have quickly become a favorite.

Anyone who is interested is welcome to keep this meme going, either here on on your own sites.

Everyone, have a good holiday, and spend time with the family.


Running2Ks said...

KLee, I love the same things--giving the "perfect" gift, and the tree.

I remember playing clarinet for the family while my cousin, Red, sang for them.

I think this year is special because the girls believe in magic, and I know they got the perfect gifts :)


Sleeping in

Our favorite holiday tradition is doing all of the Christmas Eve stuff to get the kids riles up for Santa. And for Hanukkah, I will forever love lighting the menorah, choosing the colors of the candles just so.

Chocolate covered pretzels with peanuts.

Merry Christmas to you!!!

ccw said...

1. I remember most of my childhood Christmas' because they were truly special. I always remember hearing my mom wrapping like crazy in the living room since she always waited until the night before. My favorite Christmas was when she woke me up at like 1:00 am to open gifts because she was that excited.

2. Our first Christmas in our house (3 years ago). Having a house of our own to do with as we pleased and a fireplace for Santa made it so special for everyone.

3. I loved my Glamour Gals cruise ship. That boat was awesome and I still have it in the attic.

4. The "mom" plaque that Kid L bought me at the Santa workshop at school in kindergarten. She had to stick within a certain budget, worked so hard to pick it out, and wrapped it herself. I love that (ugly) little plaque and display it proudly.

5. Christmas eve we eat dinner with my mom's bf from her childhood. I have had dinner with their family my entire life. Plus, I always loved the rule of being allowed to open 1 present from under the tree. Choosing that 1 gift was always time consuming and very important.

6. My mom's bread pudding with butter sauce. It is divine, fattening, and I long for it every year. I have the recipe, but I cannot bring myself to make it, so I only get it once a year.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

jo(e) said...

I love how positive you are.