Friday, October 14, 2005

What You Want -- Baby, I Got It...

As seen at all the other cool kids' sites: The "KLee Needs:" and "KLee is:" Meme!

KLee needs:
info on the Roman Colosseum. (How on earth did they know?)
to DIE!!! (Apparently, I make this person's ears bleed.)
makeup lessons. (You mean I'm NOT actually making a pithy social statement with the clown makeup?)
to be put out of business NOW! (Wow, I'm starting to get a complex!)
YOUR help to get my latest video played on "Total Request Live!"
more fansites on the web. (Like there are *already* some? All I see is hate mail!)
to have an edge.
to use humor to repair my damaged image. (And here I thought that's what the clown makeup was for!!! )
to wake up and face the music.
to disappear.

KLee is:
about to release her new album. (Now out on Ronco records! Just in time for the holidays!)
not #1 at the moment. (But, shoulda been here *last* week!)
one talented girl. (Aw! *blush!*)
a human being! (Score one point for Team Obvious!)
even smarter than Jessica Simpson! (So are orangutans, but you don't hear them shrieking about it!)
planning a much larger tour. (Of *what*, pray tell?)
majoring in Community Development. ( Don't think so.)
a bright person. (You'd never know it from these comments!)
in magazines all around the world! (Yes, it's such a hassle to have all this fame. The paparazzi follow me everywhere.)
my role model. (Hon, if I'm your role model, we must be in Bizarro World.)

Well...that's how things stand in my little corner of the world. :>) Now, I'm gonna go take off the clown makeup and eat some cake!


ccw said...

These are great! Evidently, you have people obsessing over your every move worldwide.

I love your remarks, I choked on spit laughing. Hope you enjoy your cake. I am off to make cocoa and drink it once it cools! LOL

Friday Mom said...

Great list. Even better commentary.

Got any cake left. I'm starving!

KLee said...

CCW and FM -- welcome to my crib! (I figgered I'd better start using MTV lingo since I'm gunning for that #1 position on Total Request Live...)

Yo, homies! Pull up a chair and have some cake! (There's not much left -- a kindergarten class can play havoc on some cake, now!)

It's white cake with multicolored vanilla buttercream frosting. I also had a Cinderella on there, and a glass slipper that was filled with blueberry lip gloss. Offspring immediately stole my lip gloss. To whom do I complain? :)

I, for one, am loving the fact that I am smarter than Jessica Simpson. Of course, so's my lawn, so that may not be something to crow about.

purple_kangaroo said...

Haha, I like this meme. Yours are great.