Friday, August 12, 2005

Just my luck!

My school was hosting open house tonight, so everyone was running around like gang-busters, trying to get everything done before the parents started arriving. So, in order to have work ready for my little darlings for bright-and-early Monday morning, I head off to the school copy machine with a thick sheaf of papers to copy.

The machine repeatedly jammed. I could get three or four pages run, and the machine would jam again. I spent *two hours* dickering with the machine, and barely got some of the work I wanted run done. Not all - some. Meanwhile, other staff members are looking in, and wanting to use the machine as well. Finally, the secretary calls the Copy Man to come and fix the eternally-jammed machine.

The copier limps along. Everyone blames me for breaking it. Are we sure it's not actually Monday, and I'm just not aware of it? :(


Running2Ks said...

Ah, those machines (and VCR timers) are possessed. It isn't you. It isn't Monday (but I feel the same today!)

Suzanne said...

Delurking to say that Copier Machine Fiddling should be a compensated part of each office-related job. It is SO frustrating, and those messages supposedly telling you where the jammed paper lies? Lies!

(Whew! Sorry for going off on a tirade there... I hope the open house went well!)

KLee said...

R2K's -- I say it's a government conspiracy -- they made today it Monday, and didn't tell us!

No problem about the rant, Suzanne. I'm rather prone to them myself. :) The open house did go pretty well, except that we didn't get an updated class list until the time that the Open House was slated to start. We had gotten one earlier, but it only list 8 students in my class. (This is typical -- most kindergartners register late. Parents aren't aware that they should register beforehand, especially if this is their first child entering school.) The updated list, which we got *literally* at the last minute had us with 15 students. That's much more like it.

I hope that copy machine (an old dinosaur of a machine, anyway)dies soon so we can get a new one. It's never working when we need it to. I also wish the kindergarten grade group would purchase one for our own use, but that'll never happen.

RussianViolets said...

This happened to me just today. They, too, have new term jitters,